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 HotFix Package 4 - for Pandora OS Release 2010-05 (Zaxxon)

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HotFix Package 4 - for Pandora OS Release 2010-05 (Zaxxon)   Empty
MessageSujet: HotFix Package 4 - for Pandora OS Release 2010-05 (Zaxxon)    HotFix Package 4 - for Pandora OS Release 2010-05 (Zaxxon)   Icon_minitimeMer 9 Fév - 10:54

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Citation :
This package is an update for the first release of the Pandora OS. To install it, simply download the .PND-Package and place it into either the /pandora/menu or /pandora/desktop - Folder on your SD-Card.
Simply start it and follow the on-screen instructions. You can remove the .PND-Package from the card once it has been installed.
There is no need to install any previous Hotfixes - all the fixes are included in the package as well.

This package includes the following fixes:

Hotfix 1:
* Kernel: Fixed a bug that caused the Linux Systemtimer to halt sometimes
* Included missing packages: python-shell_2.6.4, python-pygtk_2.16.0, python-pycairo_1.4.0, gnome-vfs-plugin-http_2.24.1, gnome-vfs-plugin-ftp_2.24.1

Hotfix 2:
* Bluetooth: Disabling and restoring state on startup now working properly
* XFCE4: When switching from MiniMenu to XFCE4, the settings are now properly loaded
* Brightness-State: When shutting down, a brightness level of 0 is not saved
* MiniMenu: Fixed caching and closed a memory leak
* Automount: Now using umask 0 and noatime. Unmounting is using Lazy Mount.
* Interfaces: Fixed the file. Now WiFi isn't disturbed by usb-network anymore
* WiFi: LEDs now working
* Kernel: Video: don't force waiting for refresh
* MiniMenu: XFCE4-Apps now included in MiniMenu
* New: Boost, Lua5.1 and Evince
* New: Script to change the LCD refresh rate from 50 / 60 Hz (ideal for emulators)
* Some typo fixes and general tweaks

Hotfix 3:
* Kernel: Fixed problem with broken sound on some units. Also improved ALSA Buffer Underrun problems
* Kernel Modules: Added USB Sound and Midi Modules as well as the TUN/TAN-Module
* U-Boot: Fixed LCD timings on Reset (which caused weird dots around the Logo on reboot / Reset)
* U-Boot: Added serial out via USB (ideal for debugging when trying to port new OSes to the Pandora)
* MiniMenu: Added automatic Refresh on SD Card insert and quick navigation using keyboard letters
* Battery-Settings: LED now starts blinking at 10% and shuts down at 5%. The previous values were too short.
* Bugfix: op_fbrunapp had some problems with command line parameters. That's now fixed.
* Services: Removed unneeded services from Startup - also services most users don't need (like dropbear, samba, etc.) They can be re-enabled with the new Startup-Settings
* Startup-Settings: Added enabling / disabling services
* New: Added Mass Storage mode via Mini-USB (can be enabled in the System-Menu)
* Automount: Now using Label names (if the card has one) instead of mmcblk*
* Automount: Now using Dirsync instead of sync with 2s Buffer flush. This increases SD Write speed A LOT. However, be sure to wait at least 2 seconds before removing your SD Card after you saved data
* Not yet fixed: PNDs will not run if they have a space in the filename or path (do not use spaces in your SD-Card labels for now!)
* pnd_run-Script: Changed a few things to make it compatible with spaces in filenames (still needs some other fix). Thanks to Ivanovic.
* Bluetooth-Script: Fixed save / restore settings on startup (thanks to urjaman)

Hotfix 4:
* Kernel: Added Bluetooth patch by urjaman. PAN (bluetooth internet connections) work fine now.
* WiFi: Fixed the problem where you could not reconnect after you lost a connections
* xf86-video-omapfb: add pandora specific screen blanking
* Nub Mousebuttons: Moving down is now middle mousebuttons. Recognition of mouseclicks with the nub has been enhanced (patch by urjaman)
* Pandora-Scripts: The internal scripts (CPU-Speed, Startup-Manager, etc.) have icons now.
* Pandora-Scripts: Added simple TV-Out script.
* Lid: Opening / Closing will not affect the powersave mode anymore.
* Enhanced brightness scripts (made the more linear)
* Powersave mode: Fixed the CPU Speed setting
* pnd_run: Added support for clockspeed setting
* libpnd: Support spaces in pathnames and PND-Names.
* Updated to a more recent XFCE4-Version
* First-Run-Wizard and Time / Date script: Fixed bug of not-appearing calendar
* New default config for vim (thanks to Nils Kneuper (Ivanovic))
* Python: Added python-misc and python-modules
* New lib: libaudiofile0 now included
* MiniMenu: New config dialogue included (will be improved in the future)
* udev 151: add rule to reserve fb2
* Leds: Fix TWL4030 PWM LED driver (thanks to Urja Rannikko)
* Pandora misc: HACK to change OPP level according to set mhz (thanks to Urja Rannikko) + OPP limiter added (by notaz)
* OMAP: DSS2: make filter coefficient tables human readable, DSS2: add some hackish FIR filter coefficient access
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HotFix Package 4 - for Pandora OS Release 2010-05 (Zaxxon)
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