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MessageSujet: [Emul] Amiga: UAE4ALL   [Emul] Amiga: UAE4ALL Icon_minitimeMer 9 Fév - 11:24

[Emul] Amiga: UAE4ALL 674310puaepvw

Citation :

Changelog 2010-09-10 (by john4p):

* Sound-options are now "off", "fast" and "accurate"
* added bright and medium bright vertical scanlines and scanline-grid (hor.+vert. combined)

Changelog 2010-08-29 (by john4p):

* added Scanlines 25% and 50% to "more options"-menu (doubled pixels mode only)
* added Kickstart 1.2 support (has to be 512K and named "kick12.rom" in kickstarts-subdir), removed Kickstart 3.1 support
* added screenmode "320x240 scaled to 640x480" to (as alternative to doubled pixels mode)
* fixed "status line" (display power-led & diskdrive-activity at the bottom) - was broken since last release

Changelog 2010-08-24 (by john4p):
Hardware-Scaling (via framebuffer)

Using SteveM's modified SDL lib our UAE4All now has hardware scaled screenmodes.
Thanks @sebt3 - LD_PRELOAD works fine to use the modified lib for UAE4All.

Changelog 2010-08-12 (by john4p):

* Stylus-mode: use R-Trigger + dpad to manually adjust Touchscreen-input (needed for Dungeon Master; also use to recalibrate)

Changelog 2010-08-11 (by john4p):

* Stylus-mode: mousepointer now moves first, then clicks
* added "Stylus Offset"-configuration to menu (offsets 0, 1, 3, 5 and 8 pixels)
* added "Tap Delay"-configuration to menu (normal, short and very short delay for touchscreen click)
* Stylus-mode: hold L- or R-Trigger, then a tap with the stylus performs a Rightclick (instead of Leftclick)
* Stylus-mode: dpad left = left mousebutton, dpad right = right mousebutton
* Stylus-mode: hold dpad down, then no clicks will be performed with the stylus (only mousepointer-movement)
* Mouse emulation-mode: (X) is now also left mousebutton (for mouse-based shooters/racers)

Changelog 2010-08-05 (by john4p):

* Joystick- and Mouse/Pinball-modes are now like before again
* added 3rd control mode: Stylus/Arrowkeys (dpad = arrowkeys)
* added 3rd M68K core: "UAE core" => select now between fast FAME/C or Cyclone or the more compatible UAE core

Changelog 2010-08-04 (by john4p):
* Implemented Touchscreen support (from smokus N900-Version)

Changelog 2010-08-01 (by john4p):
* Hires-mode is fixed now (again).
* Button (B ) is a shortcut to "more options" in main menu.
In mouse-mode (A) was "arrow right" and (B ) was "arrow left" - that's corrected now ((A)=left, (B )=right)
* In mouse-mode (=pinball-mode) dpad left and dpad right fired LALT every frame (in quasi autofire-mode) when pressed causing annoying sound in Pinball Dreams/Fantasies - that's fixed (LALT is now constantly pressed as long as you press dpad left or dpad right).
* Updated text in (UAE core => FAME/C and "Mouse mode = Pinball mode").
* Mouse-pointer in Workbench was only half as wide as before and could only be moved in the left half of the screen.
Using the changes from smoku's commit "Removed misported sprite collision handling" fixed this again.
Also Pinball Fantasies' menu wasn't displayed correctly before (some gfx on the left were missing) which was also fixed by this.

Changelog 2010-07-29 (by john4p):

* "Extra Half Bright"-mode is emulated now
* HAM-mode is emulated now
* L-Trigger is always left Alt now
* vertical/horizontal adjustment only active in joystick mode
* Autofire-toggle only in joystick mode
* in Mouse mode: (A), (Y), (B ), (X) = keyboard arrow left, up, right, down
* in Mouse mode: L-Trigger, dpad left, dpad right = left Flipper in Pinball Dreams/Fantasies
* in Mouse mode: R-Trigger, (A), (B ) = right Flipper in Pinball Dreams/Fantasies

Changelog 2010-07-16 (by john4p):

* Added VSYNC

Changelog 2010-07-10 (by john4p):

* Joystick mode is default now
* START-button is now "Run" in main menu
* removed unnecessary GP2X-hack where Enter&Space were sent when pressing the (A)-button

Changelog 2007-07-09 (by john4p):

* added horizontal adjustment
* faster mouse movement
* slow mouse movement with (Y)-button
* (X)-button is now confirm-button in menu ((A) still works, too)

Changelog 2010-07-09 (by john4p):

* Removed gp2x config options
* Added selectable UAE core. While this is a bit slower, it adds compatibility
* Ask for nub mouse mode on first startup (added by EvilDragon)
* Added Savestates (only working with UAE Core)
Changelog 2010-07-05 (patches by john4p):

* Move screen with L + DPad
* Addes softstrech scaling (software-only at the moment, so it's slow)

Changelog 2010-06-09:
* Added PAL / NTSC LCD Timings (if HotFix 2 is installed)
* Added Mini-Documentation
* Added Kickstart-Test

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Messages : 228
Date d'inscription : 20/01/2011
Age : 42

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MessageSujet: Re: [Emul] Amiga: UAE4ALL   [Emul] Amiga: UAE4ALL Icon_minitimeJeu 12 Mai - 20:07

Mise à jour ici :

Citation :
Changelog 2011-05-08
* Added custom controls (map to dpad and ABXYLR-buttons)
* Custom controls can be saved & restored "per game" and as "general config"
* Mouse/Pinball control mode: (A) & (B ) are mouseclicks now, (Y) is SPACE, L&R aren't mouseclicks anymore
* R+dpad = arrow keys in all (non-custom) control modes
* Removed shortcuts L+, and L+. for mouseclicks
* Screen positioning (L+R+dpad) works in any control mode now
* Bugfix: virtual keyboard input works again (now also in custom and mouse control mode)

Deux versions : une avec les nubs remplacant la souris, l'autre sans.
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[Emul] Amiga: UAE4ALL
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