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MessageSujet: [Emul] Atari ST: Hatari 1.4.0 emulator   [Emul] Atari ST: Hatari 1.4.0 emulator Icon_minitimeMer 9 Fév - 11:29

[Emul] Atari ST: Hatari 1.4.0 emulator 142131dungeonmasterlarge

Hatari is a very good emulator for ST and related machines (TT030, Falcon, etc, though ST support is its focus.) This is a full port of the emu, including hard drive support, etc.

The pnd-file includes setup documentation, just check the Documentation link in xfce or minimenu.

Updated to Hatari 1.4.0
- should be compatible with exsting appdata (saved configs); if problems, just remove your hatari.cfg and restart, and set yourself up.. piece of cake.
-- now creates hdd_drive_c irectory and mounts it as Atari hard drive; if you have trouble booting floppies, make sure you've unchecked the 'boot from hard drive' option in the Hard Disk panel of configs, so that it boots from floppy first.
-- now does not imply 600mhz like earlier version did; just happily uses your systems CPU speed, so you can overclock as you see fit easier
-- be sure to set your joystick to keyboard, and map the keys as you see fit, for best effect
-- should run faster and a little more accurate than previous versions

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[Emul] Atari ST: Hatari 1.4.0 emulator
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